The Culture at Recast Foundation

At Recast Foundation, we are healers with the passion and purpose for helping individuals gain freedom from the cycle of substance abuse. Our holistic treatment approach focuses on uplifting one’s mind, body, and spirit to help them build a better, more fulfilling life. We believe in providing deep and effective healing by going beyond just targeting a specific addiction you are struggling with. Every aspect of your life is looked into and improved upon through an assorted range of rehabilitation and lifestyle modification measures. Our luxurious rehab center is the place where you can let go of all your stress and concerns, as our experienced professionals guide you towards a life of contentment.

Our philosophy of healing and rehabilitation is centered around showing individuals why and how addictions are holding them back. At our luxurious retreat, we are dedicated to providing personalized care to each individual for any kind of substance abuse issues like alcohol or drug addiction. We are also able to target modern lifestyle issues like mobile phone, gaming, and gambling addiction through sophisticated treatment modalities. At Recast Foundation, we are honored to have been able to touch so many lives positively. You can rely on us to help you overcome any form of addiction, regardless of how severe it seems.

We encourage a culture of helpfulness, positivity, and transparency at our premium rehab center. Every moment of your stay at our facility will be enjoyable and productive. Depending on your preferences, we can provide individual or group treatment to ensure the most effective recovery results.

Experience an amazing period of transformation in your life with us.

What does Recast Foundation offer treatments for?
Recast Foundation offers a wide range of treatments for issues such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, gaming addiction, food addiction, mobile phone addiction, porn addiction, and sex addiction.
How do we treat behavioral disorders and substance abuse issues?
We provide treatment to individuals who seek help to get rid of their addictive habits. Our voluntary addiction recovery programs are available for those willing to undergo treatment, but cannot be forced on any individual. Therapy is provided based on the evaluation of individual cases.
What methods are used in our treatment program?
At Recast Foundation, we use the Universal 12 Steps to Recovery Path within our treatment programs. Our approach involves showing individuals how to handle boredom and become more productive in both actions and thoughts. Those undergoing treatments learn about the nature of their addiction and how it can be handled. Individuals are also taught communication skills to mend their broken relationships. Methods used by us also encourage them to plan for achieving financial stability and growth in their future.
What will be the duration of my stay at the Recast Foundation facility?
Your stay at our facility is voluntary, enabling you to leave whenever you choose to. In our experience, however, the time required for an individual's mind to achieve optimal calmness is at least a month. Another two months are required for obtaining the required information, followed by one more month for utilizing the skills acquired. We recommend a stay of four months, but you can choose to stay less or more if required.
Are my family members allowed to visit me during the treatment phase?
We believe that family interaction is an important part of the addiction treatment process. Individuals undergoing treatment at our rehab center can have a family visit after a month is over. The visiting hours are 6 pm to 9:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. After the two-month period, there is a supervised 2-day home visit. At the four-month mark, your family and friends can be invited for your farewell.
What level of access to communication devices will I have?
We allow individuals undergoing treatment to have access to their communication devices. However, all communication devices have to be switched off during interactive sessions, therapy sessions, or special events during one’s treatment phase.
What are the costs?
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How is my privacy maintained during my stay?
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What is the admission process?
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Do you have a waiting period?
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