Sex Addiction

Recast Foundation rehab center offers sex addiction rehabilitation services for individuals struggling with this problem. Our experienced professionals work closely with people affected by this crippling addiction that has adverse effects on their lives. Rely on us to get to the root of your sex addiction issues as we identify and address the major triggering factors. These may include many things include physical, psychological or spiritual, or social aspects. We follow a comprehensive approach to treating sexual addiction by addressing your mental, physical and emotional health. You will undergo rigorous testing to diagnose possible deficiencies that may be causing biochemical imbalances that contribute to sex addiction.

Licensed medical professionals cooperate with our addiction therapists to create personalized recovery strategies. We follow tried-and-tested methods like addiction counseling, psychotherapy, medical treatments, biochemical treatments, and lifestyle coaching. Some other modalities for sex addiction treatment include group meeting sessions, Yoga, diet enhancements, physical training, and reflexology. Any nutritional deficiencies are also taken care of as a part of treatment. We take all necessary steps to ensure that your sex addiction problem does not become similar to severe drug addiction. You can also expect the utmost level of discretion and complete privacy during your stay at our rehab facility.

You can expect round-the-clock assistance from our on-demand therapists. One-on-one therapy can be availed at our premium rehab center whenever you feel the need for the same. We put all efforts in to reduce the chance of unwanted relapses in the future.

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